About Us

Who We Are

Inch N Mile Holdings Pte Ltd offers a variety of interior furnishing materials for home owners, home developers, and interior designers in Singapore and Malaysia. Led by a management team with extensive knowledge in the architectural finishes industry, we are driven to provide reliable customer service that will meet clients’ business requirements at all times.

We have developed a range of boutique selections to complement our clients’ needs – Floor BoutiQ™, Wall BoutiQ™, and Curtain BoutiQ™, offers the respective interior furnishes that have been chosen for their dynamic colours, high durability, and exceptional designs.

Interact, Inform, Imagine, Inspire, Influence, Innovate

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a comfortable lifestyle through our exclusive products that meet our clients’ requirements in design, colour and quality, and to ensure a reliable service at all times. We also aim to continuously improve and develop more quality products that offer superior aesthetics and durability for our clients.

Inspire, Influence & Innovate

To provide innovative products that will constantly inspire our clients for their homes.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a market leader in the interior furnishing industry through the expansion and curation of our product line that will meet the changing demands of design trends.

Inform, Imagine & Interact

To be a leading interior finishing provider through our informative customer service, and by sparking our customers’ imagination through interaction with our unique product line.

Core Values



Nothing is more important than an honest service, and we believe that integrity is a vital element in establishing long-term relationships with our partners and clientele.



We strive to provide a novel experience through our product designs and overall service, for a memorable collaboration with our clients.



Commitment to the project and our client’s requirements are key values we instil in our staff. We are always dedicated in our service from selection to after-sales care.



“There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self.” – Henri Frederic Amiel. We believe that humility is paramount value that respect for our clients is built on.



We are always motivated to develop and expand our range of products and services to achieve greater heights.



Constant research and development is key to a successful company, and we are constantly seeking for better materials, products and innovative means to evolve.



We strive to be a market leader and forge the way with our unique Oressential™ collection – an example of superior and reliable quality that far surpasses normal vinyl flooring.



We value our clients’ time and ensure that our delivery and installation service is timely and efficient.