“I am very impressed with their sales staff. They were friendly and explained necessary and vital information that really helped with our understanding. Compliments to the team for the efficient delivery time and installation!”

Muhd Waseem

“I am a pleased owner of Inch N Mile’s vinyl flooring that shows no sign of expansion. Previously I had expansion issues with regular PVC flooring and it was a hassle to renovate and change everything. The quality they provided was definitely better than my past purchase, and I am glad with their service.”

Chong Choo Ming

“I fell in love with one of Inch N Mile’s embossed collection that really felt like real wood under my feet! Their sales staff was friendly and the delivery was on time. They even explained the technical details in layman’s term for me to understand. Kudos to them and the team!”

Brendan Ang

“Inch N Mile has been very accommodating. Since the first day, they have supporting my project every step of the way. The staff provided great support when it came to changes and was flexible in their approach. Thank you for the service rendered!”

Melissa Chong

“We were met with professionalism, and reliable service from the Inch N Mile staff. They provided us with great consultation advice regarding their expertise in textile handling. Their after sales support was impeccable, and I look forward to working with them in future.”

Johhny Lim